Landowners and burial opportunities

The Corpse Project wants to work with landowners interested in how they can lay people to rest so that it works for them, those facing their death, their families and friends, the landscape and wider ecosystems. We are interested in ‘pure’ burial sites – used just for the body –  but perhaps even more where burial or cremation is in a wider estate setting and there is other land use going on.

We are interested in:

Where is best to bury? Arguably most trees don’t want a lot of extra food. Do you bury in open glades, or where there is grazing, or do you think it’s good to plant a tree over a body? We are interested in using land which is already lightly grazed, because enrichment might be at least not harmful there and might be helpful (compared with unenriched grassland for example).

How shallow you bury.

Are you actively encouraging decomposition? Do you bury in shrouds and do you add any carbon-rich material such as chips?

Re-use of sites. We are interested in experimenting with exhumation, where families are interested in this. This is common in some parts of the world but not in the UK. Should we try it out?

Pyres. We are interested to know who is going ahead with this after the High Court ruling a few years back, which hasn’t been tested openly. 

Design. We want to know about beautiful shelters, memorials or their absence and how that works for you.

Burial mounds and barrows. We are interested in the design, landscape and sustainability of these. 

Business models. How it’s working commercially for landowners, especially those who also use their land for other things.

Do your fret about the number of miles people might travel to your burial ground, and in the absence of public transport, in terms of emissions? 

If you are interested in being part of our landowners’ stream of work, please be in touch with Sophie Churchill, via the contact form, or on 07973 529603. Sophie is also President of the Royal Forestry Society and grateful for this link into the landowner community.

In all that your share, we would respect your confidentiality. Just over a century ago, some brave and determined people broke new ground with cremation. We think it’s time for the next round of innovation and bold experiment.

Looking forward to hearing from you.