Our findings

Illustration of a dead body surrounded by text of findings (copied below)

The Corpse Project brings the dead body right into the middle of debates on death and dying. How can it be laid to rest so that all of us are helped and healed through death? And, what is best for the Earth? We aim to build knowledge and explore options to meet the needs of our diverse society, now and in the future.

From Autumn 2015, funded by the Wellcome Trust we have been listening, researching and asking how change happens. The voices we bring into the debate include urban teenagers, people of different faiths and members of the trans community. In these pages we publish our first findings.

We thank all our collaborators and helpers, especially the many inspiring and humane people working in the death sector.

Explore our findings

Research headlines

  • School curriculum to include the corpse
  • More public engagement on future options
  • More research on shallow burial
  • Care with ‘ashes’

What people know, think, and feel

  • ‘That’s interesting’
  • ‘I didn’t know that’
  • Open to new ideas, with caution
  • Respectful of the dead and other traditions

The Future

  • Ceremonies will keep evolving
  • Dissolving the body could become mainstream
  • Burial and cremation will become better for the earth
  • Change can be encouraged, can’t be planned

Thank you Neil Emmanuel for the wonderful illustrations. You were very patient with us  ~ #beyondthecallofduty www.neilemmanuel.com