Programme 2015 – 2016

The Corpse Project has an exciting development year in prospect from late 2015  to late 2016.  It is focused, but includes many voices and should give us an excellent platform to go forward. We will be doing three main things:

Taking the temperature of our attitudes to the body after death and the options for it, with, for example:

young people in urban settings

members of the trans community

people from different faith backgrounds

the general public


Checking out current knowledge and the status quo, for example:

academic knowledge around soil health and human decomposition, and impact of  ‘ scattering ashes’

how the body is dealt with in different cultures and historically 

the law, policy and regulations around what is done with the body

landowners’ willingness to try new burial methods

the carbon impact of different options


Networking and disseminating

We will be busy visiting, talking with and following lots of other people and organisations, to discover who we can work with collaboratively and learn from. We will also explore how best to share what we have found widely, digestibly and powerfully. It’s a busy, noisy world out there and we need to find our niche. We promise it won’t all be wordy, worthy reports.

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We are funded in our development phase by the Wellcome Trust. We are very grateful for its support. From summer 2016 we shall be seeking support for the next phase of our work.