The Project Team

The Corpse Project is led by a team which finds all this fun, serious and important.

We couldn’t be keener about things like living well, dying well, the earth, decay, being practical, being humble about our mortal remains, keeping happy.

Sophie Churchill (Project Leader) Sophie has led the creation of a new forest for England, The National Forest, in the Midlands.  She currently lives in East London, with its great tradition of social research and reform. She is President of the Royal Forestry Society, Chair of TREE AID and has an OBE for services to the environment. She enjoys career coaching and the surprises of being alive.

Richard Barnett is a writer and broadcaster on the cultural history of medicine, and a poet. He received one of the first Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowships, and teaches at Pembroke College, Cambridge. His most recent book, The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration, was described by Will Self as ‘superbly lucid and erudite’. Find him online.

Dimple Patel is a radio broadcaster. She is skilled in bringing diverse audiences into projects and capturing their thoughts, feelings and opinions, which is key to The Corpse Project.

Rupert Callender runs the Green Funeral Company with his wife Claire. Together they celebrate the person with empathy, handle the body with minimal intrusion and, with imagination and sensitivity, help others say goodbye. They are passionate about finding new ways with the dead body for the 21st century. Ru was the editor of the latest and fifth edition of  the Natural Death Handbook  and the accompanying volume of essays, Writing on Death, available here.

Dave Raffaelli provides scientific review to the project. He is professor of Environmental Science at the Environment Department of University of York, and Director of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS) programme 2011 – 2017, designed to answer fundamental questions about the role of biodiversity in key aspects of how ecosystems work. He has played a significant part in mainstreaming the Ecosystem Approach in the UK and in inter-disciplinary working. He serves on a wide diversity of national and international panels and committees.  He enjoys collaborative, multidisciplinary projects, working extensively with other European colleagues and in North America, New Zealand and Australia. He was awarded the British Ecology Society President’s Medal in 2013 for his contribution to the field.

Paul Greenwood is Commercial Finance Director at Temple Group, a leading environmental consultancy. He provides invaluable  oversight of the systems, finance and governance of the project.